The Southern Trout Eaters DVD Trailer:


The Southern Trout Eaters DVD: $19.95

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The Nezumaa Rat

Here is some recent footage of the Nezumaa Rat, the same bait we feature in Southern Trout Eaters, on Lake Okeechobee.  Gives you a good feel for the wild and feral action of the bait.  Rat baits get bit.

Check out the full blog post at HERE


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Southern Trout Eaters Rigged Huddleston Deluxe Trout Swimbaits


Here is a bottom view of our rigging as it looks as its about to get eaten. The hooks are masked white to match the belly of the bait. We’ve caught nearly 1000 fish on this rig, and believe in it. We use this same rig on all four of the Rate of Fall of the 8″ Huddleston Deluxe Rainbow Trout. Top hook or not, the belly treble hooks catch a lot of fish that don’t choke the bait or get it head first.


  • Owner ST-66 Stinger Treble Hooks, masked white
  • Owner Hyper Wire Split Ring
  • Southern Trout Eaters harness
  • Red Gill Modification




We featured our Southern Trout Eaters Huddleston rig in the DVD.  We have partnered with Ken Huddleston at Huddleston Deluxe, to bring you pre-rigged Huddleston Deluxe baits.  Each bait is hand rigged.

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