Filmed in the Fall of 2009 thru the Fall of 2010, and released the summer of 2011, Southern Trout Eaters is a fishing film that breaks all the rules.  This is trophy hunting with big swimbaits, not tournament fishing.  This is a different production than anything you’ve likely seen in the world of bass fishing.  The film is 2 hours and 41 minutes and feels more like a Ken Burns documentary than a high energy action movie.  It took us well over 100 days of combined fishing to compile this footage.  This isn’t a West Coast swimbait film.  This is Georgia, North & South Carolina and Arkansas bigbait fishing.

Jeremy Pratt with one of the reasons we kept this bite to ourselves from 2005 until the release of the film the summer of 2011. Appalachia is gorgeous, old timey, and full of deep and clear lakes that are at elevation enough to sustain trout which makes the bass big.  We are rough, unshaven, unpolished at times, but that is reality when you fish for 5-7 days straight, fishing for maybe one bite a day.

Bass that eat trout are called ‘trout eaters’.   Southern Trout Eaters is about the giant largemouth, spotted and smallmouth bass that live in lakes that are stocked with trout, in the Appalachian Mountains in N. Georgia and the Carolinas.   Trout don’t just happen on the West Coast, and this film shows that the same baits that catch trophy bass in the West catch fish all over the country.   Since the release of the film, our Facebook Page has grown to almost 1000 Friends and we have daily posts going on, highlighting and sharing swimbait and bigbait fishing all over the country, not just out West.    The larger story, and the story that really needs heavy exploration, is catching swimbait and bigbait fish in lakes without trout.  That is what we are doing today with our fishing.  Tournament fishing in the South and Mid-West is almost 100% without trout, meaning none of the lakes the major tournaments hit, have trout.  So are these just trophy fish that eat trout only baits?   Or can you apply these same baits, in different colors and approaches, and target trophy fish in lakes without trout?  That is the journey we are on, and Southern Trout Eaters kicks off that conversation, because you have to start with what works.  The Huddleston Deluxe 8″ Rainbow Trout, the 10″ Triple Trout and the MS Slammer are fundamental bigbaits that catch big ones, really big ones, consistently out West.   We mixed in the Nezumaa Rat, an XL sized giant rat bait that shows what can be done with big terrestrial baits, and tried to shed light on directions and paths not yet taken by most.   Then we take you to the Arkansas, and document first attempts at bigbait fishing in the Ozark mountains—-and we whacked ‘em.  And finally, the White River, a trophy brown trout fishery, well, in case you don’t know, big brown trout feed and stocked rainbow trout, and the White River has plenty of both, we end the film with a look at crossing over, or using bigbaits to target other species besides bass.   Stripers, muskie, brown trout, walleye—-trout eaters are not just large, small or spotted.

Most of the film is shot in Georgia and the Carolinas, but at the end, we head to Arkansas and explore the Ozarks. This is a 25″ brown trout that inhaled our Huddleston swimbait, on the White River in Cotter, Arkansas.

Southern Trout Eaters is an amateur produced and amateur edited film productions, but the footage is raw and real and legit.   We interview guys like Ken Huddleston and Scott Whitmer and share insights into the baits, the rigging, the tackle, the angles, the discussions that you’ll learn from and enjoy.    If you’ve ever contemplated throwing the bigbaits, not the 6″ swimbaits, the 8-10″ big hard and softbaits, or you would like to start, we are confident your $20 investment in this almost 3 hour DVD will provide you a healthy return.   We catch over 75 fish over 5 pounds, including some 10+ pounders, from Georgia, the Carolinas and Arkansas.

Featured Anglers in the Film:

  • Rob McComas, Mill Spring, NC
  • Jeremy Pratt, Boone, NC
  • Ryan Thoni, Boone, NC
  • “Triton” Mike Bucca, Acworth, GA
  • Chris Koon, Prosperity, SC
  • Brad Rutherford, Lavonia, GA
  • Robert Malcom, Lithonia, GA
  • Matt Peters, Cotter, AR/Roswell, GA

Total Run time:  2 hours and 41 minutes

Release Date:  July 2011

Ken Huddleston and the hand carved 8″ Rainbow Trout that made the mold for all the other soft plastic 8″ rainbow trout we all love to fish. We tried to educate anglers and provide footage from the guys who make the baits we fish.

Southern Trout Eaters is a southernswimbait.com production.  Please visit southernswimbait.com to get a feel for what we are doing in the world of tournament, trophy, and bigbait fishing in lakes with and without trout.  Trout are just the first step, and this film is a baseline for future discussions and productions.

Rob McComas has been hunting trout eaters in the Carolinas since the late 1990s. Rob provides depth and breadth to the film, and true Appalachian Mountain perspective.





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