The below is meant to be a guide, to help you get the products we recommend and use to hunt the trout eaters.  Each product we recommend is hyperlinked to Tackle Warehouse.  We are a proud Tackle Warehouse Affiliate Partner, and anytime you click thru one of our links to land on the TW site, and just go shopping and checkout, you are helping our cause.

Swimbaits for Trout Eaters:

***Check out SSB Customs, the southernswimbait.com webstore where you can buy custom rigged Huddleston Trout and special color Triple Trouts***

Components to Rig a Huddleston Swimbait:

Watch our video on how to rig a Huddleston Deluxe Rainbow Trout with the Southern Trout Eaters Rig HERE.

Terminal Tackle:

Rods (8″ Huddlestons, 9-12″ MS Slammers, 10″ Triple Trouts)




Promar Net LN501-B





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  1. Karen Mora says:

    My father is looking for a 6″ soft trout lure. Any ideas?

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